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When you decide to have your pet cremated, you may choose between a personal and a collective cremation.

individual cremation

With an individual cremation your pet will be cremated within two days and you will receive the ashes in an ash container of ‘Dierenuitvaarthuis Amsterdam-Zuid’. You may also choose an urn from our collection.


  • Cremation withn two days
  • Ashes are returned in a container

Collective cremation

With a collective cremation your pet will be cremated together with other pets.
It is not possible to retrieve the ashes this way.
The communal ashes are repectfully scattered at sea by us.

Important points

  • Multiple pets at the same time
  • Ashes cannot be retrieved
  • Ashes are scattered at sea
“Dogs do speak, but only to those who know how to listen.”
Orhan Pamuk, My Name is Red